The State Of General Auto Repair Shops In The United States – A Benchmark Report By PartsTech

It’s an exciting time for general automotive repair shops in the United States. The average age of cars on the road has risen to 12.5 years, and the industry is projected to be valued at $250 billion in the U.S. by 2033*.

As you navigate the industry to drive your shop towards success today and in the future, utilize the benchmark data in this report from 618 auto repair shops in the U.S. to help you strategize areas of opportunity, improvement, and growth for your business.

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What’s In The Report

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National & Regional Data Dive into benchmark data, trends, and findings for repair shops across the United States, and then take a look at the benchmark data specific to your geographical location in one of the 9 mini regional reports.  

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Revenue-Related Benchmark Data
  • Annual Gross Revenue per Bay
  • Average Repair Order Value (ARO)
  • Average Gross Profit on Parts per Month
  • Average Labor Rate
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Shop Size, Car Count, and Staffing Benchmarks
  • Average Number of Bays
  • Average Daily Car Count
  • Average Number of Technicians
  • Average Number of Service Advisors
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And More
  • Selling Tires
  • Servicing Electric Vehicles
  • Top Ordered Parts
  • Anticipated Challenges
  • Top Shop Goals Over the Next 12 Months
  • Top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Tracked

Glimpse Of Just A Few Key Findings

Revenue per bay-1
The national average annual revenue per bay is $203,000. Discover the average per-bay revenue for your region.
Service advisor-1
Hiring a second service advisor can have a positive revenue impact (tens of thousands more per bay). Find out the average number.
Parts markup strategy
67% of surveyed shops must update their parts markup strategy. Find out if your shop is leaving money on the table.
*Sources are outlined in the report. 

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